Select elements by floor, roof, ceiling

App Name : SelectByFloor App Short Description This app helps to select elements in the boundary of floor, roof, or ceiling. App Description This app helps to select elements in the boundary of floor, roof, or ceiling. Select target elements(floor, roof, or ceiling) ans set top/bottom offset, and click OK button. Then all elements in this boundary will be selected. And filter categories you need. Video

Zoning Volumne

Zoning Volume



Place Elements by CAD - Autodesk Revit Add-in

Place Elements by CAD Place components elements using imported CAD block location Components elements are columns, generic models, etc. Imported CAD block is a part of CAD files. This app helps place component elements at CAD block location automatically. General usage instruction 1. Import CAD file. 2. Partial Explode imported CAD file. 3. Select CAD block to place elements. 4. Click App and select family type and click place button Video :

MEP_UpDown - Autodesk Revit Addin

MEP_UpDown - Autodesk Revit Addin Up Down tool for MEP elements - Duct, Pipe, CableTray, Conduit. To avoid clash, MEP elements (duct, pipe, cabletray, conduit) need to level up or down. This app helps it. With splitting the elements and input offset/angle value, the app redraw elements level up or down. The app works with any language version of Revit , but command is english. video : Download : General Usage Instructions 1. Split mep elements (ducts, pipes, cabletrays, conduits). 2. Select elements need to up / down. 3. Input offset and angle value. (unit = project unit) 4. Click app icon to operate. ( Up or Down for single element ) ( Up and Down for single elemens ) ( Up and Down for multi elemens ) ( Offset and Angle value ) Support Information

Type Browser - Autodesk Revit Addin

App Name Type Browser Introduction Video App Short Description Select Type for create or change elements using this Type Browser. App Description This type browser can select type easily for create or change elements type. Create elements : select type in the list -> double click -> create mode is active. Change type of elements : select type in the list -> double click -> elements type is changed. General Usage Instructions

Autodesk Revit Addin - SectionBoxControl

App Name SectionBoxControl  App Short Description It rotate, resize, and move the section box. App Description This addin control the section box about rotation, resize, and move. Section Box is useful function of revit to navigate the model. But it is sometimes hard to operate because the handle is too small and we couldn't know the distance. So this addin control the section box using window instead of handling directly. General Usage Instructions